is the most effective potassium fertilizer available.

Years of replicated research across North America have proven that recommended applications of Sure-K are more efficient than much larger applications of other potassium fertilizers.

Sure-K has proven in both LIQUID and independent research to give superior results in no-till environments. It is generally most effective in combination with Pro-Germinator or Foliar since it balances the total crop nutrition effectively. Sure-K is best stored in combination with Pro-Germinator to prevent damage to its usability at temperatures below freezing.

High-Performance Potassium Fertilizer

A few good reasons why Sure-K works better:

  • Not a Chloride Compound
    contains no harmful carriers or components
  • Low Salt Index
  • Neutral pH
  • True Solution

Potassium Fertilizer Comparisons on Soybean Yields

Potassium Fertilizer Comparisons on Soybean Yields

North Central Research Station - 2005

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Sure-K provides application options:

  • Applied with the planter as part of a balanced fertility program
  • Side-dressed to provide added early season potassium
  • Applied in a foliar application with or without crop protection products to provide highly usable in-season potassium

Sure-K, liquid potassium fertilizer, has proven in both ACLF and independent research to give superior results in no-till environments. Sure-K ™is thoroughly researched to verify usability and provide a database for recommendations. Please watch our Research Overview video and find out why our products are unique in the fertilizer market. "No one does more research than Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers".





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